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Our Services

We are the leaders in providing services that help you to manage your hygiene risks.

Whether you operate in the commercial sector, retail, hospitality or manufacturing, we'll create safer and healthier environments for employees, guests and customers.

Our services are driven by technological innovations in order to provide better service visibility and improve customer experience. With more than 20 years of experience coupled with tailored solutions to meet local business needs, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Pest Control

Our pest control program provides customers with the latest products and techniques.

To ensure pest-free premises;

  • We eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria.

  • We emphasize using eco-friendly pesticides to ensure our customers are protected against toxic contamination. 

  • Our focus is to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

  • Our pest control solutions are registered with the Department of Agriculture (Act 36/1947).

  • Our pest control operators are registered with the Department of Agriculture.


Our service includes:

Inspect, identify, evaluate, eliminate, monitor, maintain and we keep records.

Chemical Deep Cleans

Clean restrooms reflect positively on your employees, customers, and visitors. To reach this goal you would need to use the right chemicals in the right way in order to eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Chemical Deep Cleaning tasks require the use of strong chemicals as well as scouring products to remove stubborn deposits or stains from urinals, toilet bowls, basins and showers. This way the restroom appears and smells clean with minimal environmental impact.

We assist our clients with;

  • Chemical technology 

  • Identifying stubborn deposits or stains

  • Identifying danger zones 

  • Odor control 

  • Cleaning vs. Plumbing 

  • Deep cleaning procedures


Sanibin Services

The Sanibins are serviced by our professional service staff according to your requirements on either a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly service cycle. We assist with a unique cost-effective way to dispose of bio hazardous waste of sanibins. 

Our steps;

  • Waste evaluation

  • Waste storage 

  • Waste labels 

  • Waste transportation and disposal 

  • Emergency planning

  • Training

  • Record keeping

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